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Single Sided Swingarm by Zell

  This picture shows the COMPLETE kit (swingarm, hub, shock, belt, axle, hardware, brake lines, rear wheel, tire, etc.).

The kit priced below, is the BASIC kit. You'd still need other components listed further down on this page. The BASIC kit includes:
-Swingarm (3 pieces)
-Splined shafts
-Shock bracket
-Rear peg mounts
-Mounting hardware

$6100.00 for up to 300 tire

$6900.00 for 330 and 360 tire

shown with 360 rear tire and Rick's rear fender
  Additional parts needed to complete conversion (parts with *** in front are required):

***LSD brake caliper ($550.00)
***Transmission offset pulley (w/ optional outside bearing support) ($1100.00 to $1250.00)
-Rear fender ($990.00 to $1430.00)
***Fuel tank ($660.00)
-Brake lines and fittings (stainless) ($250.00)
-Rear wheel ($1470.00 to $3200.00)
***Belt, 156T (Carbon Fiber, 30% stronger) ($330.00)
***Mono shock, Elka Race ($950.00)
-Rear tire ($400.00 to $490.00)
-Rear disc (Stainless, 1-piece) ($280.00)
-Rear pulley ($450 to $980.00)
  Obviously, you don't HAVE to purchase any of the additional components, but it will make the assembly a lot easier.

Bottom line, a complete wide tire conversion with the single sided swingarm will cost you around $15,000.00 with a 300 tire; and about $17,500.00 with a 360 tire