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Details on the parts we use for our rolling chassis


All of our Rolling Chassis include (pictured parts are in red):

• Frame, swing arm, oil tank, axles and hardware
• Front fork by American Suspension, B17S inverted
• Front wheel and 130/70-18 tire of your choice (RC Components or Tight Custom)
• Rear wheel and 360/30-18 or 300/35-18 tire of your choice (RC Components or Tight Custom)
• Riser • Super bars, chrome
• Air suspension with compressor
• Kick stand, chrome with internal spring
• Front fender
• Rear fender, “strut-less”
• Fuel tank, custom made to your specs

The frames, wheels and gastank options can be seen on our rollers page and on our pages on frames, wheels and tanks for more details and larger pictures

We try to keep it simple and don't offer too many different options. We chose a combination of parts, we think, will make a great base for a custom bike. If you have specific ideas in regard to what parts you plan on using instead of the ones we offer, please let us know and we will be more than glad to work with you and get you exactly what you want (i.e.: you might like everything in our kit but would rather have an SJP frontend; we will simply calculate the difference in price of the two frontends and adjust the price accordingly. The same goes for wheels, shocks, bars, etc.)

We are a custom business. If you want us to add anything to the roller of your choice (i.e.: controls, brakes, engine, etc.), let us know and we will quote you a great price on anything you can think of. We are a distributor for most domestic manufacturers; our website mainly focuses on the items we import from Europe. Just ask!

American Suspension, inverted B17S, chrome plated. With optional Phantom brake caliper(s) and internal brake line(s)  
Risers: Billet aluminum, chrome plated with cover that hides the screws. Available in 4", 6" and 8" long.  
Super bars: steel, chrome plated with 2.5" height, 5" pullback and either 32" or 35" width  
Chopper bars by LA choppers (instead of risers and super bars, add $200.00)  
Air shocks system. The kit includes:
2 air cylinder shocks, polished
On-board compressor
All wiring and hardware

fits all our frames and has 6" of total travel

Kick stand: this super clean kick stand mounts to the frame side plate, just below the swingarm pivot bolt. It has an internal spring and comes with mounting bolts  
The "Cafe" front fender is made out of 16 gauge steel, the sides need to be drilled and shortened to fit your needs, tire clearance and looks  
The "Mako" front fender is made out of 16 gauge steel, the sides need to be drilled to fit your needs, tire clearance and looks  
The "Spartan" front fender is made out of 16 gauge steel, the sides need to be drilled  to fit your needs, tire clearance and looks. Because of its size this fender is great for custom cutting and shaping  
This fender comes with all the Walz and Sculpture Walz Alternative rollers, but can be used on any other roller (add $150.00)  
"Strutless" rear fender, steel: this is a fender for the Walz frames. The fenders for the other frames look similar, with variations, depending on the frame, mounting and style. In some cases the fender will be one unit with the frame