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For Sportster Rolling Chassis     click here

Rolling Chassis for Big Twins, based on different frames, wheels, front ends and gas tanks


All of our Rolling Chassis include:

• Frame, swing arm, oil tank, axles and hardware
• Front fork (Pro-1 style with 5 degrees rake or Big-Un with 0 degree rake)
• Front wheel and 130/70-18 tire of your choice (RC Components)
• Rear wheel and 280/40-18 or 300/35-18 tire of your choice (RC Components)
• Riser • Super bars, chrome
• Air suspension with compressor
• Kick stand, chrome with internal spring
• Front fender
• Rear fender, “strut-less”
• Fuel tank, custom made to your specs

$21,400.00  Walz Dragster 300 Right Side Drive

$23,300.00  Walz LeMans 300 Right Side Drive, standard LeMans swingarm

$28,700.00  Walz LeMans 300 Left Side Drive, single sided swingarm

$15,100.00  SculptureCycles-Walz-Alternative Dragster 300 Right Side Drive (uses Walz frame)

$17,000.00  SculptureCycles-Walz-Alternative LeMans 300 Right Side Drive (uses Walz frame)

$25,000.00  SculptureCycles-Walz-Alternative LeMans 300 LSD, single sided swingarm (uses Walz frame)

$14,500.00  SculptureCycles Penz “Flash”  300 Right Side Drive

$16,100.00  SculptureCycles Penz “Radical Low”  300 Right Side Drive

$13,700.00  SculptureCycles HPU  300 Right Side Drive

$18,900.00  SculpturyCycles "Steroid" 360 Right Side Drive   click here for details











                   BIG-UN 0° or 5°


For more info on the different components we use on our rollers click here


                          WALZ "DESTROYER"                                      HPU "DRAGSTYLE"

                           PENZ "FLASH"                                       PENZ "RADICAL LOW"                          

                  PREDATOR                     NEW SCHOOL CHOPPER               EURO CHOPPER                     ASSAULTER

     WICKED                        WARLOCK                   SMOOTHIE                 RC-COMP                        RAPTURE

     OUTLAW                     IMPOSTER                       WOLVERINE               VENOM                        PREDATOR